BotA Hardback In My Hands

In ironic honor of today’s significance in history (and with absolutely zero disrespect intended) look at what I just picked up from the local gaming store… It’s the absolutely gorgeous full-color hardback of Barbarians of the Aftermath!

The pictures don’t really do this baby justice. It’s pricey, to be sure, but it seems to be every bit as good quality as any other hardback RPG and the full-color art is sharp as can be.

I do wish the full BoL rules could have been worked into this somehow, because it would be awfully nice to have everything in one book. But that aside, I’ve got no complaints. Well, other than the fact that, as previously noted, my players just aren’t ready to go for a system as light as BoL/BotA. But I’ll get them there eventually. Narakam awaits, after all.

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LL/AEC Rogues Gallery: The Color Wizards Of Ghuzzar

Wherein your humble scribe presents what might be an Adventuring Party for Labyrinth Lord/Advanced Edition Companion. Inspiration was drawn from Lord Kilgore’s Five Color Magic post, B/X Blackrazor’s B/X Headgear post and the suggestion in Swords & Wizardry that the Elf class might be used for some other kind of ancient, arcane beings.

So here are the Color Wizards of Ghuzzar – done up as LL Core “Elves.” They don’t have the infravision and other elf abilities, though. They’re really just fighter/magic-users without the multi-classing bit. Enjoy them for their weirdness.

They are listed with their currently (and most commonly) memorized spells and their primary equipment. It is safe to assume that they have access to many more spells and much more gold and equipment, both mundane and magical.

Bilanca Rabaisa / “Elf” 9 Lawful
A master of Black Magic, Bilanca Rabaisa roams the countryside upon a jet black steed. She is often seen gathering earth from freshly dug graves and other components for her flavor of magic. She is known for the knuckle-bone encrusted steel skull cap that sits atop her closely-cropped raven black hair.

STR 15 INT 17 WIS 15 DEX 14 CON 13 CHR 13
HP 48 AC 0
Sword +2 (Nine Lives Stealer, 7 charges remain), +1 Plate Mail, +1 Shield
1st Level: Darkness, Shrink, Wall of Vapor
2nd Level: Amnesia, Blindness, Silence 15′ Radius
3rd Level: Animate Dead, Speak with Dead, Summon Monster I
4th Level: Cause Serious Wounds, Wall of Fire
5th Level: Summon Shadow

Wilgre Bataara / “Elf” 9 Neutral
A master of Blue Magic, Wilgre Bataara lives near the great western sea in a tower made of deep purple coral. He never travels far from home without first donning his trademark 3-Tassled hat.

STR 11 INT 18 WIS 17 DEX 14 CON 14 CHR 16
HP 43 AC 1
Trident +2, Bracers of AC 2
1st Level: Auditory Illusion, Color Spray, Phantasmal Force
2nd Level: Invisibility, Obscuring Mist, Greater Phantasmal Force
3rd Level: Blink, Hallucinatory Terrain, Spectral Force
4th Level: Phantasmal Monsters, Polymorph Self
5th Level: Greater Phantasmal Monsters

Rabais Wyra / “Elf” 9 Chaotic
A master of Green Magic, Rabais Wyra makes his home deep within the central forest, in a mystical grove where he communes with Treants and other magical creatures of the woods. He keeps his head shaved except for a top knot that he says symbolizes the tree of life.

STR 11 INT 15 WIS 16 DEX 16 CON 18 CHR 14
HP 61 AC 2
Staff of Withering (19 charges remain), Studded Leather +3
1st Level: Enlarge, Entangle, Speak With Animals
2nd Level: Barkskin, Snake Charm, Web
3rd Level: Animal Growth, Fly, Plant Growth
4th Level: Charm Monster, Summon Animal I
5th Level: Insect Plague

Galanais Bamuj / “Elf” 9 Chaotic
A master of Red Magic, Galanais Bamuj resides beneath the ancient volcano that stands upon the isthmus of Taalengard. Whether armored for battle or found sunning herself naked on the rocks, she always wears her signature open-faced helm, complete with its bat wing motif.

STR 14 INT 15 WIS 11 DEX 15 CON 17 CHR 18
HP 49 AC 0
+2 War Hammer, +1 Plate Mail, +2 Shield
1st Level: Burning Hands, Jump, Shocking Grasp
3rd Level: Produce Flame, Shatter, Strength
2nd Level: Call Lighting, Fireball, Prayer
4th Level: Fire Shield, Summon Monster II
5th Level: Summon Monster III

Bente Gwys / “Elf” 9 Lawful
A master of White Magic, Bente Gwys travels from town to town on the back of a great eagle, delivering wisdom and news to the kings and emperors of the land. In winter, he wears a tall hat that resembles a stag’s head. In the spring and fall he is seen wearing blood red turban embroidered in golden thread with holy symbols. And though he is never encountered in the summer, during those months he channels the sun’s energy by way of a 3-tiered ziggurat-like helm that is the color of a perfect sky.

STR 13 INT 17 WIS 17 DEX 13 CON 15 CHR 13
HP 45 AC 2
Rod of Striking, Chain Mail +2
1st Level: Cure Light Wounds, Jarring Hand, Magic Missile
2nd Level: Bless, Hold Person, Spiritual Weapon
3rd Level: Lightning Bolt, Tiny Hut, Tongues
4th Level: Cure Serious Wounds, Wall of Ice
5th Level: Raise Dead

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BoL Character: Doran FitzCael

Wherein your humble scribe presents yet another Barbarians of Lemuria character he put together as an NPC for use in his own (highly-derivative) Kaalmuia setting. More will follow at highly irregular intervals.

From the misty, moody island of Kel comes Doran FitzCael, hard of liver and weak of eye. This big brawler lives to fight, and is more than happy to join up with any band that’s out to bust heads and bring home a few coins for a fresh pint. Though he’s not the sharpest, Doran stands by his friends in a pinch and is truly the sort you’d rather have with you than against you. Despite his fancy last name, Doran has no idea who his father was, nor does he have a drop of royal blood in his veins. Like many of his countrymen, Doran knows his fair share of drinking songs. He’s even actually a very good singer – a tenor in a bass’ body.

Lifeblood 15
Hero Points 5

Strength 3
Agility 1 (0)
Mind -1
Appeal 1

Brawl 2
Melee 2
Ranged -1
Defense 1

Bard 1
Mercenary 2
Thief 1
Worker 0

Hard to Kill

Poor Eyesight

Kellic, Common (non-literate)

Fist d2+3
Longsword, d6+3
Medium armor & Shield (d6)

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BoL Character: Orsola Grimaldi

Wherein your humble scribe presents yet another Barbarians of Lemuria character he put together as an NPC for use in his own (highly-derivative) Kaalmuria setting. More will follow at highly irregular intervals.

Within the City of Secrets, none are privy to more whispered wisdom than the shadowy order of priestesses who serve the goddess Ceria. Not without reason are these women viewed with suspicious eyes, as they are well-known extortionists who use their knowledge to line the coffers of their order. Many attractive young women in Liria find their way into the sisterhood as a way out of the lower rungs of society, using their unique “gifts” to gather information for the Goddess. Orsola Grimaldi is just such a woman.

Lifeblood 10
Hero Points 5

Strength 0
Agility 2
Mind 0
Appeal 2

Brawl 0
Melee 1
Ranged 0
Defense 3

Dancer 1
Courtesan 0
Assassin 2
Priestess 1

Knife Fighter



Lirian Kris, d6-2
Very light armor, 1d3-1

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BoL Character: Stig Damsgaard

Wherein your humble scribe presents yet another Barbarians of Lemuria character he put together as an NPC for use in his own (highly-derivative) Kaalmuria setting. More will follow at highly irregular intervals.

From the frozen wastes of Geirbjornhal comes Stig Damsgaard, fierce warrior of the wilds. Captured and enslaved by the forces of Warlord Krug Jas when he was a young man defending his village, Stig soon proved to his captors that his innate ferocity could be put to better use in their army where, at the very least, he would be killing their enemies rather than their slave masters. While serving his new master Stig developed an interest in the songs and poems of the peoples he helped the Warlord conquer. Along the way he has mastered several different folk instruments and intends to learn more still.

Lifeblood 13
Hero Points 5

Strength 3
Agility 1
Mind 1
Appeal -1

Brawl 0
Melee 3
Ranged 0
Defense 1

Barbarian 1
Slave 0
Mercenary 2
Minstrel 1

Spear Fighter
Born To Climb


Native (Non-literate)

Spear (1d6+3)
Axe (1d6+3)
Light Armor & Shield (1d6-1)

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LL/AEC Rogues Gallery: The Legion of Mossy Stone

Wherein your humble scribe presents the first in what will prove to be an irregular series of Adventuring Parties for Labyrinth Lord/Advanced Edition Companion. These characters are all 1st level, were granted maximum HP (Advanced Style), and have a bare minimum of equipment. They were all created with 3d6 for stats, more often than not in order.

Calling themselves the Legion of Mossy Stone, this group of young malcontents has been sent away from their peaceful village (Caonacloch, called Mossy Stone by those who don’t speak the regional dialect) to “find their way in the world” (or, perhaps, get lost and not return to annoy their elders further). What grand adventures await them? Will they ever make their way home? Will their village regret packing off their best and brightest some day?

Cassear Tal / Human Fighter 1 CN
STR 15 INT 9 WIS 12 DEX 15 CON 12 CHR 8
HP 10 AC 3 Gold 62
Battle Axe, 2 Hand Axes, Chain Mail, Shield

Con Lonabyr / Human Ranger 1 CG
STR 15 INT 13 WIS 13 DEX 10 CON 14 CHR 7
HP 17 AC 6 Gold 4
Longsword, 2 Daggers, Shortbow, Quiver w/ 20 arrows, Studded Leather, Shield

Eoc / Human Druid 1 N
STR 12 INT 13 WIS 15 DEX 10 CON 12 CHR 11
HP 8 AC 7 Gold 155
Quarterstaff, Sickle, Sling & 10 bullets, Leather Armor, Wooden Shield
Druid Spells: Entangle, Faerie Fire, Shillelagh, Speak With Animals

Deala Finn / Human Thief 1 CN
STR 12 INT 6 WIS 7 DEX 16 CON 11 CHR 14
HP 6 AC 6 Gold 107
Short Sword, Silver Dagger, Leather Armor, Thieves’ Tools

Rioncha Wallbulder / Human Magic-User 1 NG
STR 16 INT 17 WIS 9 DEX 10 CON 16 CHR 8
HP 6 AC 7 Gold 115
Quarterstaff, Silver Dagger, Dagger,
Magic-User Spells: Enlarge, Mending, Unseen Servant

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Central Texas Mini-Con July 31

Check it out. There’s a mini-convention on Saturday July 31st (and again on August 21) here in Austin. And it’s dedicated to playing old school D&D, no less. Interestingly, it’s put on in part by (or at least in conjunction with) the folks who do the ever-growing North Texas RPG Con. And guess what? Your humble scribe is going to be in attendance (for the July 31st event, at least). See, my wife’s out of town that day and Scholz Garten is maybe a mile from my house and the con itself is free. So really, how could I not go?

Now, for the record, I’m very much not a con guy. The last gaming convention I went to was AggieCon ’95, and that was almost entirely a business trip. I definitely didn’t game at that one. The last time I went to a con where I actually played or ran something you have to go all the way back to 1985, for the twin majesties of TexCon (where I won an Illuminati event of some sort) and DalCon (where I ran a fun Champions game and played my only session of Runequest). I’m pretty sure my only other gaming con experience was Origins ’84 (where I picked up my well-loved OCE box) and didn’t actually play anything. I tend to go to panel discussions and such with these things rather than game, it seems.

So this little con, which is entirely about playing – and not about speakers or vendor rooms or anything else – might just prove to be very interesting. I’m sure I’ll have at least something to report after next Saturday, even if it’s just horror and disgust at the cheeto-dust encrusted gaming masses 🙂

But seriously, if you’re going to be there (and I’d be surprised if any of my “known quantity” readers made it since I know how very NOT in Austin they live) let me know. And if you’re not a “known quantity” reader but you’re there, please do say hello. I’ll be the balding, overweight guy with a beard and glasses wearing a black t-shirt that might say something funny on it. You won’t be able to swing a dead possum without hitting me 🙂

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