Standard Order

These are the Standard Order Demons noted in the Tablets of Adad Untash, which pretty much means that they have between 6 and 8 hit dice and are likely to be a challenge even for higher level adventurers.

  • 8 Hit Die
    • Harra Lal
      Wicked swords and fiery breath wrapped up in an 8′ tall nightmare package!
      AL C(E), MV 90′, AC -2, HD 8 + 4, #AT 4, DG 1d10, SV F9, ML 12
    • Ghudhu Naab
      Man-sized owls with an insatiable thirst for potions!
      AL C(E), MV 60′, Fly 180′, AC 0, HD 8, #AT 3, DG 1d8/1d8/1d6, SV F8, ML 10
  • 7 Hit Die
    • Badag Gul
      Giant vermin-ridden, rat-headed, masters of despair! With big flails, too!
      AL C(E), MV 150′, AC 0, HD 7 + 3, #AT 1, DG 2d12, SV F8, ML 11
    • Agara Muun
      Shield-crushing crab-demons with dark powers!
      AL C(E), MV 90′, AC -2, HD 7, #AT 2, DG 3d6/3d6, SV F7, ML 12
  • 6 Hit Die
    • Turul Dgag
      Giant 4-headed snakes with human faces that spit poison!
      AL C(E), MV 90′, AC 1, HD 6 + 6, #AT 5, DG 2d4 or poison and 1d6, SV F7, ML 9
    • Banzu Mugaam
      Hairy human females with rotting camel heads and terrible talons!
      AL C(E), MV 60′, AC 0, HD 6, #AT 3, DG 1d6+1/1d6+1/1d4+2, SV F6, ML 10

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