BotA Character: Lodan Triplex Marveen Dodd

Wherein your humble scribe presents a Barbarians of the Aftermath character he put together as an NPC for use in his own Narakam setting. More will follow at highly irregular intervals.

Born to a non-mutant Pariah family in the Wilds of Narakam, Lodan Triplex Marveen Dodd nevertheless displayed a number of… genetic drifts, which lead his father to accuse his mother of being unfaithful. Though the family unit held together in the end, Lodan Tiplex Marveen Dodd never felt like he belonged and left his village as soon as he was old enough to survive on his own. He has traveled far and wide, learning as much as his quick mind would absorb. Because of its detriment to himself, he keeps his mutant healing ability under wraps in almost all circumstances.


Lifeblood 10
Hero Points 5
Psychokinetic Power 12

Strength 0
Agility 1
Mind 2
Appeal 1

Brawl 0
Melee 0
Ranged 1
Defense 3

Mutant 2
Scavenger 1
Wise One 1
Mek 0

Sneaky Git
Bottom-Feeding Git

Mutation Flaw (self-damaging healing, see below)

Physical: Possesses a 3rd arm, growing from below “normal” left arm
Offensive: Ranged “green light blast” from hand on 3rd arm, d6 damage (as Light Pistol)
Mental: Warped Appeal: Extreme Reactions: Adroit +1 (big watery eyes that make people go “Awwww”)
Psychic Ability: Pink Healing Light from hand on 3rd arm (equivalent to First Magnitude) – costs himself 1d3 LB & reduces Defense to 0 when used

Pariah, Varna, Naga

Knife, d3
Shield, 1 pt armor

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4 Responses to BotA Character: Lodan Triplex Marveen Dodd

  1. Goblinkin says:

    Very cool – I’ve not actually played BoTA but a lot of people seem to be raving about it.

    Love his extra arm – he’s all hands…

    • I haven’t had a chance to play BotA yet, either. But it seems like an awfully good implementation of the BoL rules for some groovy post-apoc fun. I love the “random apocalypse generator” in the game. It’s good stuff. Again, though, I’m afraid my players will balk at the lightness of the rules, leaving me to make things happen in BRP. Which isn’t terrible, of course. But I’d love to get some BotA action happening.

  2. Goblinkin says:

    It does sound good, someone else was talking about the “random apocalypse generator”.
    It does sound pretty cool

    • It’s good stuff for sure.

      In other news, I hit the post office today. I’m not quite sure how long it will take the mystery item to make it to your half of the world, but I don’t think it’ll be more than a week. So keep your eyes peeled, amigo!

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