Stat BoL Characters For Fun And Profit

In case you haven’t wandered over to the semi-official Barbarians of Lemuria forum, you haven’t seen the little contest that Simon Washbourne (the author of BoL) is running.

To help promote The Crimson Edda – his upcoming book of BoL adventures – Simon is asking folks to take a stab at statting up some characters that are named in the BoL core rules but aren’t actually written up therein. Winners get their writeup included in The Crimson Edda and get a free copy of the PDF once it’s done. Not bad!

So, if you’re up to it, give it a shot. Methyn Sarr, Bellys Blak, Jesharek Jool*, and a few others await your guiding hand!

* I’ve already submitted my take on the Wizard-Alchemist Jesharek Jool, and frankly it’s badass, so pick someone else if you want to win, sucker 🙂

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