The Demons Of Adad Untash: Standard Order Summary

In case it somehow slipped by you over the weekend, the writeups for all six of the standard order Demons of Adad Untash are now complete!

Below is a summary of these nasties with links to the full write-up for each.

  • 8 Hit Die
    • Harra Lal
      Wicked swords and fiery breath wrapped up in an 8′ tall nightmare package!
      AL C(E), MV 90′, AC -2, HD 8 + 4, #AT 4, DG 1d10, SV F9, ML 12
    • Ghudhu Naab
      Man-sized owls with an insatiable thirst for potions!
      AL C(E), MV 60′, Fly 180′, AC 0, HD 8, #AT 3, DG 1d8/1d8/1d6, SV F8, ML 10
  • 7 Hit Die
    • Badag Gul
      Giant vermin-ridden, rat-headed, masters of despair! With big flails, too!
      AL C(E), MV 150′, AC 0, HD 7 + 3, #AT 1, DG 2d12, SV F8, ML 11
    • Agara Muun
      Shield-crushing crab-demons with dark powers!
      AL C(E), MV 90′, AC -2, HD 7, #AT 2, DG 3d6/3d6, SV F7, ML 12
  • 6 Hit Die
    • Turul Dgag
      Giant 4-headed snakes with human faces that spit poison!
      AL C(E), MV 90′, AC 1, HD 6 + 6, #AT 5, DG 2d4 or poison and 1d6, SV F7, ML 9
    • Banzu Mugaam
      Hairy human females with rotting camel heads and terrible talons!
      AL C(E), MV 60′, AC 0, HD 6, #AT 3, DG 1d6+1/1d6+1/1d4+2, SV F6, ML 10

The higher order demons are next. And after that, some demon lords. Real life is getting complicated, it’s going to take a while before I get them all done. But I’d like to think they’ll be worth the wait.

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