BoL Character: Captain Jibril ibn Sharad

Wherein your humble scribe presents a Barbarians of Lemuria system-powered character built for use in an Arabian Nights style game. The alert among you will remember that I’m actually running an Arabian Nights game using BRP (not BoL). No worries, though. Even though my players want the relative extra crunch of BRP, I’m still thinking in BoL terms where I can.

Jibril, son of Sharad, was born at sea, and that is where he has made his home ever since. Jibril is currently the captain of the Whispering Wind, a fast merchant vessel that plies the seas of El-Aqarat serving whoever is willing to provide enough dinars. Though he has none of his own, Jibril has a soft spot for children and will often go out of his way to spoil the wharf rats in port cities, treating them to a bag of dates or apricots.

Lifeblood 12
Hero Points 5

Strength 2
Agility 1
Mind 1
Appeal 0

Brawl 1
Melee 2
Ranged 0
Defense 1

Mariner 2
Merchant 1
Pirate 0
Rogue 1

Born Sailor



Scimitar, d6
Dagger, d3
Very light armor, d3-1

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4 Responses to BoL Character: Captain Jibril ibn Sharad

  1. Goblinkin says:

    Another good addition to the growing list of BoL characters, Mr Pao.
    I’m interested that you’ve given him the flaw “arrogant” – yet he still loves the kiddies?
    Is he hiding he soft spot under this blustering, in your face sea dog attitude? or maybe just a dirty old man…

  2. Thanks, Goblinkin! As I conceived him, it’s more that the arrogance is hiding a soft spot. It’s also a bit of a “Oh you landlubbers just don’t understand the majesty of the sea and, therefore, me” kind of thing.

    But he could easily be run as a creepy uncle 🙂

  3. bat says:

    Although there is nothing wrong with a genuinely good person, or even a scoundrel that will always treat someone or something, like children in this case, well. Maybe he had a rough childhood and even though he may be a harsh taskmaster to some, he will always be nice to kids. Gives a bit of depth to a character.

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