S&W Bestiary: Dung Spider

Wherein your humble scribe presents another new monster for Swords & Wizardry (Core Rules), the Dung Spider.

Dung Spiders are poisonous arachnids roughly the size of two large fists held together. They take their name from the unique way in which they lie in wait for prey. A dung spider curls its long legs in on itself and sits on the ground, appearing to be a small pile of animal feces, biding its time until some unfortunate creature passes close enough for it to strike. When a target comes within 10′ of the dung spider, it uncoils rapidly and launches itself at its victim. The first time a creature encounters a dung spider surprise is automatic. Any future encounters will also result in automatic surprise unless the victim is particularly wary of being attacked by a dung spider.

Dung Spider: HD 1; AC 6 [13]; Atk 1 bite (1d2 + poison); Move 12; Save 16; CL/XP 3/60; Special: lethal poison (+3 saving throw), automatic surprise.

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8 Responses to S&W Bestiary: Dung Spider

  1. Goblinkin says:

    That’s one shit spider!

  2. bat says:

    The subsequent encounters addition is awesome. Now everyone who has survived the first time will be prodding every pile with a ten foot pole before they walk by.

    • Oh yes, that was definitely my goal. I like players to be on guard for things, and this seemed like a good way to add some stress to their lives. 🙂

      My other wicked thought with this critter, not included in the listing of course, is that some clever assassin could figure out a way to train them. The image I have is of a king being served a fancy meal and the cover being taken off the main course to reveal this pile of dung. Everyone is shocked. And *then* it suddenly springs to life and bites him. Muhaha!

  3. bat says:

    Gah! Hideous! And awesome!

  4. Goblinkin says:

    There’s an old Japanese of a ninja who hid in the lord’s um… Chamberpot for hours until the target sat down to do his thing. Only to have a sword shoved, ok. Well you get it, right?
    I could imagine the unfaithful retainer leaving one of these critters in the toilet.
    It’s enough to make you paranoid

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