LL/AEC Rogues Gallery: Sub-Classes Assemble

Wherein your humble scribe, endeavoring to get his ass back into the swing of blogging, finally gets around to presenting the final entry in his Labyrinth Lord/Advanced Edition Companion Rogues Gallery series. This time, it’s a passel of characters from the ranks of the sub-class classes.

As noted in earlier installments, these characters are all 1st level, were granted maximum HP (default LL/AEC HD, not the Advanced option), and have a bare minimum of equipment. They were all created with 3d6 for stats, more often than not in order. I did throw out the absolute weaklings, though.


Crowbeard / Dwarf Assassin 1 NE
STR 13 INT 12 WIS 9 DEX 15 CON 13 CHR 10
HP 5 AC 6 Gold 136
Scimitar, Dagger, Leather Armor, Shield

Grimskull / Half-Orc Assassin 1 CE
STR 16 INT 13 WIS 6 DEX 13 CON 12 CHR 9
HP 4 AC 6 Gold 105
Battle Axe, Dagger, Leather Armor, Shield


Danaar / Human Druid 1 N
STR 11 INT 9 WIS 15 DEX 12 CON 14 CHR 15
HP 7 AC 7 Gold 82
Scimitar, Sling & 10 Bolts, Leather Armor, Wooden Shield
Druid Spells: Detect Snares & Pits; Entangle; Faerie Fire; Invisibility, Animal

Savareen / Human Druid 1 N
STR 16 INT 10 WIS 17 DEX 9 CON 9 CHR 16
HP 6 AC 7 Gold 100
Sickle, Sling & 10 Bolts, Leather Armor, Wooden Shield
Druid Spells: Entangle, Locate Creature, Purify Water, Shillelagh


Maartense / Human Monk 1 LN
STR 14 INT 10 WIS 17 DEX 17 CON 13 CHR 10
HP 9 AC 9 Gold 13
Hand Axe, Light Crossbow & 10 Quarrels

Ling Po / Human Monk 1 CG
STR 12 INT 13 WIS 15 DEX 16 CON 9 CHR 6
HP 8 AC 9 Gold 24
Quarterstaff, Sling & 10 Bullets


Rhodanthe / Human Illusionist 1 CG
STR 10 INT 15 WIS 10 DEX 18 CON 13 CHR 9
HP 5 AC 6 Gold 150
Quarterstaff, Spell Book
Illusionist Spells: Detect Illusion, Phantasmal Force

Arvo Tir / Gnome Illusionist 1 LE
STR 9 INT 17 WIS 9 DEX 16 CON 13 CHR 10
HP 5 AC 8 Gold 120
Dagger, Spell Book
Illusionist Spells: Color Spray, Hypnotism


Etienne The Chaste / Human Paladin 1 LG
STR 14 INT 16 WIS 16 DEX 14 CON 14 CHR 18
HP 9 AC 4 Gold 10
Long Sword, Scale Mail, Shield

Sorvan Of The Candle / Human Paladin 1 LG
STR 13 INT 9 WIS 13 DEX 8 CON 12 CHR 17
HP 8 AC 4 Gold 85
Mace, Banded Mail, Shield


Alyx / Half-Elf Ranger 1 CG
STR 14 INT 12 WIS 17 DEX 12 CON 15 CHR 14
HP 13 AC 5 Gold 35
Long Sword, Long Bow & 20 Arrows, Scale Mail, Shield

Jorn / Human Ranger 1 NG
STR 11 INT 12 WIS 15 DEX 10 CON 15 CHR 9
HP 13 AC 5 Gold 21
Long Sword, Hand Axe, Heavy Crossbow & 10 Quarrels, Chain Mail

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4 Responses to LL/AEC Rogues Gallery: Sub-Classes Assemble

  1. bat says:

    These really are awesome, along with your other Rogue’s Galleries. Quick, to the point mechanics that can be easily given a few quirks by a LL/GM. This is really the sort of bare bones material I look for out there in to port into a game.

    • As always, I’m glad you like ’em, bat. And that’s precisely my goal with this whole series – to give people a little something they can use however they see fit. Let me know if you do wind up using any of these pregens. I’d be curious to know their ultimate fates 🙂

  2. bat says:

    So far the assassins and the one bad illusionist have started an “adventurer’s guild” with a couple of your thieves from an earlier post to fleece the pigeons.

    One druid has showed up to help out.

    The two rangers and a paladin will make an appearance next time around.

    Very helpful, these are!

    • Hot damn! That some serious usage right there. I’m pleased as punch that these are helping you out, amigo. Any thought as to which Paladin will be involved? And man, I’m glad the evil gnome Illusionist is getting some play. I like him a lot.

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