In The Weird Dungeon Of Makes No Sense At All

I abhor writing up “actual play” type posts, so I won’t do that here. But I will say that a good time was had last night. There was combat. There were puzzles. There were traps and tricks and travails. And, most important of all, there seems to be a consensus to continue sometime before next March. So maybe a regular(ish) group has been born. I’ll keep you posted.

In other news, if I draw the short straw I’ll be running something in BRP this coming weekend, which would likely delay the next installments of the Demons of Adad Untash yet again. With any luck I’ll know by tomorrow night. In either case, keep the faith. There’s plenty of demonic nastiness coming your way. Trust me.

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3 Responses to In The Weird Dungeon Of Makes No Sense At All

  1. bat says:

    While not a fan of actual play posts, I might have to write up a couple of recent games as they were quite fun.

    We will be waiting for more demons if you must run BRP!

  2. Actually, the funny thing is that I get a kick out of reading actual play posts. I just hate the heck out of writing them. So write away, bat. I’ll read with interest!

    And yes, I’m on the dock to run BRP. It should be good fun, but I do miss having the time to work on my little demonic friends. After this weekend, though, the schedule looks clear. So expect more monstrosities soon.

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