Moving To My Own Domain (Please Update Links)

Howdy folks. After all this time using – and, amazingly, all this time semi-actively producing and not abandoning the blog – I’ve decided to move over to my own domain.

All of the content you already know and love, and everything else I’ll be writing, can now be found at:

So please update your links and rss feeds and such as appropriate.

While I’ve got no ill will towards per se, I don’t like the whole “we put ads on your site and make money (however little) off of your creativity” thing. Yes, I know it’s a free service and they need to bring in cash, but it just rubs me the wrong way. So, given that I’m already paying for more hosting than I can eat and I have the skills to run my own WordPress site, I’ve decided to move along.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything set up so that you’ll barely notice a difference, though if you should happen to find anything amiss, drop me a comment and I’ll address any weirdness as needed.

So thank you, You made it nice and easy to get started on this little venture. I’m afraid I’ve just grown up enough that I don’t need your hosting anymore. But lord knows I do love your software, so we’re not exactly “over and done with.” Cheers to you and cheers to me 🙂

P.S. I won’t be taking this site down in the foreseeable future, so if you’ve bookmarked or linked to anything, you won’t be left out in the cold. This is about making a good thing even better, not making things worse, after all!

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BRP Character: Zoria Lee Dabney

Wherein your humble scribe presents an NPC for use with Basic RolePlaying.

Known throughout the territories by several different aliases (including Daisy Lee Zeider, Miss Dinah, and “The Preacher’s Daughter”), Zoria Lee Dabney is a card sharp and confidence trickster of the highest order. She’s equally at home bilking drunken farmers out of a portion of their crop’s profits as she is drawing to an inside straight. She has very few scruples and will happily lie, cheat and steal her way through every town she rides into. And if she gets caught, well, may the good Lord protect the ears of the well-meaning sheriff who locks this filly up – she cusses like no sailor ever dreamed of cussing.

STR 11 CON 15 SIZ 9 INT 13 POW 13 DEX 16 APP 16
Hit Points 12 Major Wound 6 Power Points 13

Damage Bonus: none
Weapons: Derringer 55%, damage 1d8
Knife 65%, damage 1d3+1
Armor: none
Skills: Bargain 30%, Brawl 50%, Dodge 60%, Fast Talk 75%, Gaming 75%, Insight 45%, Knowledge (Religion) 25%, Sleight of Hand 55%, Perform: Acting 55%, Ride: Horse 55%, Spot 50%

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LL/AEC Rogues Gallery: The Company of the Crow

Wherein your humble scribe presents another entry in an irregular series of Adventuring Parties for Labyrinth Lord/Advanced Edition Companion. These characters are all 1st level, were granted maximum HP (Advanced Style), and have a bare minimum of equipment. They were all created with 3d6 for stats, more often than not in order.

Calling themselves The Company of the Crow, this group of adventurers has yet to make a name for themselves beyond the tavern where they met. And the jail where they spent the next week. And the stables where they were forced to clean up after the horses they attempted to steal. They are a rowdy bunch, but deep down inside most of them mean well. Who knows what adventures await them? One thing is certain, though: they have snappy head gear.

Dai / Half-Elf Fighter/Magic-User/Cleric 1/1/1 NG
Head Gear: A samurai helmet with a crow-faced mask
STR 14 INT 16 WIS 15 DEX 10 CON 11 CHR 10
HP 7 AC 4 Gold 5
Spear, Hand Axe, Light Crossbow & 10 quarrels, Chain Mail, Shield, Wooden Holy Symbol, Spell Book
Cleric Spells: Cure Light Wounds, Resist Cold, Sanctuary
Magic-User Spells: Magic Missile, Message, Shocking Grasp

Halima / Elf Magic-User/Thief 1/1 CG
Head Gear: A tall conical hat that spirals as it climbs
STR 5 INT 17 WIS 8 DEX 13 CON 16 CHR 8
HP 7 AC 7 Gold 96
Long Sword, Dagger, Short Bow & 20 Arrows, Leather Armor, Thieves’ Tools, Spell Book
Magic-User Spells: Floating Disc, Magic Aura, Magic Missile

Urdis / Human Fighter 1 NG
Head Gear: None save his amazing curly mane
STR 16 INT 10 WIS 10 DEX 11 CON 13 CHR 9
HP 11 AC 5 Gold 10
Bastard Sword, Chain Mail

Raelah / Human Cleric 1 LN
Head Gear: An open-faced helm adorned w/ antlers
STR 10 INT 13 WIS 16 DEX 9 CON 10 CHR 10
HP 8 AC 4 Gold 13
Morningstar, Sling & 10 bullets, Chain Mail, Shield, Silver Holy Symbol, 1 flask of Holy Water
Cleric Spells: Command, Cure Light Wounds, Light

Jundomek / Dwarf Fighter/Thief 1/1 NG
Head Gear: A conical helm topped with a crimson tassel
STR 14 INT 12 WIS 6 DEX 13 CON 16 CHR 12
HP 10 AC 7 Gold 73
Hand Axe, Short Sword, Dagger, Leather Armor, Thieves’ Tools

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BoL Character: Tov Reuel

Wherein your humble scribe presents yet another Barbarians of Lemuria character he put together as an NPC for use in his own (highly-derivative) Kaalmuia setting. More will follow at highly irregular intervals.

Tov Reuel is an itinerant, muscle-bound seller of religious tokens and artifacts from the plains of Zaar. He has traveled far and wide across the face of Kaalmuria, and learned many things – not least which is that he is somewhat less than graceful and possesses no skill with ranged weaponry.

Tov has a distinct weakness for the ladies and will happily spend nearly every Sha’im he has on a chance to revel in their affections. Further, though he has precious little skill at creating poetry, he is entirely unashamed of his meager abilities and will happily make up whatever doggerel he can think of and apply it to any circumstance he faces.

Lifeblood 13
Hero Points 5

Strength 3
Agility -1
Mind 1
Appeal 1

Brawl 1
Melee 2
Ranged -1
Defense 2

Merchant 2
Scholar 1
Priest 1
Rogue 0

Mace Fighter
Learned: Legends


Zaaric, Thaxian, Lyrian, Common

Zaaric Mace, d6+3
Light Armor, d6-2

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The Mob Rules

Good lord this screams gaming to me. Probably because it’s on the Heavy Metal soundtrack, which I listened to an awful lot when I was a young geek.

Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, I’m posting things like this over at Tumblr, partly as an experiment and partly because I like the interface over there.

In any case, the main content will continue to live here, so you don’t need to worry that I’ll wind up abandoning this site. Tumblr is good for short posts on things that aren’t fully-developed. This site is much better for actual content.

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BotA Character: Lodan Triplex Marveen Dodd

Wherein your humble scribe presents a Barbarians of the Aftermath character he put together as an NPC for use in his own Narakam setting. More will follow at highly irregular intervals.

Born to a non-mutant Pariah family in the Wilds of Narakam, Lodan Triplex Marveen Dodd nevertheless displayed a number of… genetic drifts, which lead his father to accuse his mother of being unfaithful. Though the family unit held together in the end, Lodan Tiplex Marveen Dodd never felt like he belonged and left his village as soon as he was old enough to survive on his own. He has traveled far and wide, learning as much as his quick mind would absorb. Because of its detriment to himself, he keeps his mutant healing ability under wraps in almost all circumstances.


Lifeblood 10
Hero Points 5
Psychokinetic Power 12

Strength 0
Agility 1
Mind 2
Appeal 1

Brawl 0
Melee 0
Ranged 1
Defense 3

Mutant 2
Scavenger 1
Wise One 1
Mek 0

Sneaky Git
Bottom-Feeding Git

Mutation Flaw (self-damaging healing, see below)

Physical: Possesses a 3rd arm, growing from below “normal” left arm
Offensive: Ranged “green light blast” from hand on 3rd arm, d6 damage (as Light Pistol)
Mental: Warped Appeal: Extreme Reactions: Adroit +1 (big watery eyes that make people go “Awwww”)
Psychic Ability: Pink Healing Light from hand on 3rd arm (equivalent to First Magnitude) – costs himself 1d3 LB & reduces Defense to 0 when used

Pariah, Varna, Naga

Knife, d3
Shield, 1 pt armor

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BoL Character: Creus Orsellios

Wherein your humble scribe presents yet another Barbarians of Lemuria character he put together as an NPC for use in his own (highly-derivative) Kaalmuria setting. More will follow at highly irregular intervals.

Hailing from proud Thaxos, Creus Orsellios is as at home on the sea as he is in the laboratory. Once known for his uncanny prowess as a ship’s lookout, Creus lost his left eye in a fight against a group of pirates and hopes someday to discover a means of replacing its function alchemically. Still, the man known as “The Hawk” manages to spot things even those with two eyes miss.

Creus has developed an alchemical admixture that allows even a novice sailor to retain his footing on deck in even the roughest of seas. Some captains have paid him handsomely to provide them with this “Deck Gum” when they are setting out on a voyage to the northlands, where the storms are strong and unpredictable. And when he himself sails, Creus always takes least enough of this material to last a full week.

Lifeblood 11
Hero Points 3

Strength 1
Agility 1
Mind 2
Appeal 0

Brawl 0
Melee 2
Ranged 0
Defense 2

Mariner 2
Scholar 0
Alchemist 2
Metalsmith 0

Axe Fighter
Learned: Geography
Keen Eyesight

Missing Eye

Thaxian, Lirian, Common

Double-headed Thaxoan Axe 1d6+3
Light armor (d6-2)
Alchemical “Deck Gum”

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